Subtitle Storia, modelli e documenti - History, models and documentation

Vittorio Tessera
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Following the monograph devoted to the Lui, this latest volume focuses on another iconic Lambretta the TV-LI Series I. In the history of the Lambretta, the TV and LI Series I laid the foundations of a new engineering concept that revolutionised the traditional model with shaft drive, sold from 1947 to 1958 in hundreds of thousands of examples. There were numerous innovations characterising this new series of models: the engine adopted a duplex chain transmission with a four-speed gearbox and the cylinder was set horizontally, while in terms of the chassis, the most significant novelties concerned the larger 10" wheels and the dimensions of the bodywork. No less important were the improvements to the rear suspension, which abandoned the famous torsion bar for a more efficient motorcycle-style spring-damper unit. For the first time a Lambretta reached a displacement of 170 cc and could offer high performance with a maximum speed of over 100 kph. This model, which went head-to-head with the Vespa 150 GS, is without doubt one of the most sought-after by collectors today. Even the more tranquil LI 125 and 150 were extremely successful, with thousands of examples of this exceptional Innocenti scooter still on the roads today, appreciated for their incredible robustness and stability.  Vittorio Tessera, "Mr Lambretta", covers the entire technical, industrial and social history of these models, while the books is illustrated with hundreds of photographs.
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Published Date January 8th, 2019
Vittorio Tessera
Born in 1960, Vittorio Tessera qualified as a mechanic in 1979 and opened Italy's first workshop for the restoration of classic scooters. In 1988 he founded the Italian Lambretta Club, which boasts today over 2,000 members. In 2001 he founded the Scooter & Lambretta Museum, the most important such institution in Europe. Today he actively contributes to the most important Italian motorcycle magazines. He is the author of Innocenti Lambretta: The definitive history (2012), Lambretta: Restoration Guide (2012), Lambretta: Illustrated guide to identification (2013), Lambretta LUI. History, models and documentation (2017), Lambretta TV/LI Series 1: History, models and documentation (2018), Lambretta TV/LI Scooterlinea Terza Series 3: History, models and documentation (2019), Lambretta D/LD 125/150: 1951-1958: History, models and documents (2021), Lambretta DL/GP 1651-158: History, models and documents (2022), Lambretta Junior, 50, 125, 150: History, models and documents (2023), and Lambretta 125 A-B (2024)
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