Subtitle A practical guide and 60 nose-to-tail recipes for sustainable meat eating

Laura Dalrymple, Grant Hilliard
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We live in an affluent era marked by an increasingly schizophrenic relationship to food. On one hand, we're desperate to know as much as possible and we have an insatiable appetite for anything to do with food. On the other hand, we've never been so distant from the actual production of our food. In this landscape, meat is arguably the most controversial and misunderstood ingredient.

There is a communal ache for authenticity, for a way forward with good conscience. The Ethical Omnivore explores the solution: living with a conscience; asking the right questions of whomever sells you meat or of the labels you read - and learning how to respect the animal so much you're willing to cook something other than chicken breast. It traces how animals can be raised ethically and demonstrates some ways regenerative farmers are outstanding in how they care for their animals. And it shows all of us how to live with less impact on the animals and environment that support us. The Ethical Omnivore is user-friendly nose-to-tail recipe and handbook that will open your eyes to a better way to buy, cook and eat.
Format Hardcover Book 256 Pages
ISBN 9781911632702
Size7.48 in x 9.44 in / 189.99 mm x 239.78 mm
Published Date September 1st, 2020
Laura Dalrymple
Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard are the lunatic butchers who advocate eating less meat, running Feather & Bone Providores in Marrickville, Sydney. But they are more than butchers - at heart they are educators about the ethics of eating meat and activists for a better way of farming. They are unmatched in their commitment to full transparency in their meat production and only buy whole animals, which they then break down and supply retail as well as to leading restaurants. Laura is a frequent contributor to The Australian and Business Insider and they are regular guests on ABC radio. Where there's an argument to be had about the ethics of meat production, they're there - whether it's as speakers at the Slow Meat Symposia or panelists for TedEx events.
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