Subtitle History and Development 1930-1960 Volume 1 - Great Britain and Germany

Antony Kay
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This important project brings together the early histories of the development of the turbojet, turboprop and turboshaft engines for the first time. he work of twelve nations [Great Britain, Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan, France, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Hungary] is described from the earliest days up to the end of the 1950s.

This was the Golden Age of aeronautical development and in that time hundreds of engines were developed using the new and exciting gas turbine technology. These engines powered some of the most important and best loved aircraft of the century.

This first of two volumes looks at the pioneering work of British and German designers and manufacturers, starting with the very first jet engines designed by Frank Whittle before World War Two. Technical details are set in their matrix of events, personalities, politics and world history. The text is supported with almost 600 black & white photographs and drawings and the book is complete with appendices, including engine data tables.

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Format Hardcover Book 240 Pages
ISBN 9781861269126
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Published Date August 1st, 2007
Antony Kay
Antony L. Kay has written widely on aeronautics and technical subjects. His engineering and technical background ranges from instruments to heavy engineering and he has run his own optical instrument business for decades. Antony is also an avid pilot. He is the author of German Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Development 1930-45 and Junkers Airfcraft and Engines, 1913-1945.
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