Malcolm Green
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This essential restoration guide contains detailed information on restoring bodywork, chassis, engine and trim on the 1500, Twin Cam, 1600 and 1600 MkII Roadsters and CoupTs from 1955 to 1962. Buy and restore your next MGA with Malcolm Greens expert advice.
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ISBN 9781855203020
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Published Date July 30th, 1995
Malcolm Green
Malcolm Green was born in wartime North London, but in 1951 the family moved to what was then Southern Rhodesia where his father was employed in the tobacco and cigarette business. It was after passing his driving test in 1960, and starting work in Salisbury, that the involvement with MG cars began. Fed on a diet of articles in magazines like The Autocar and Motor Sport, an interest in sports cars quickly developed. On the pretext of being interested in buying, lunchtime and evening visits to the local car dealers sometimes led to a test drive and in this way Triumph TRs, Austin-Healeys and MGAs were sampled. However, the choice of an MG TF at a just affordable £175 did not gain parental approval, but they provided additional funds to purchase a nearly new Austin Seven. As Minis were then a rarity in Rhodesia, people were still asking for the bonnet to be opened to gaze at the transverse engine. With a return to England in 1962, involvement with the marque began with the purchase of a new 1098cc Mark l Midget and membership of The MG Car Club. A couple of years after marrying Andrea in 1967, the first of many restoration projects saw a rather well-used 1936 TA in their garage. With the help of Andrea’s engineer father, this was returned to full working order. That car was really the start of an interest in the history of MG cars and led to visits to the Abingdon factory and meetings with many of the people who had worked for The MG Car Company from its earliest days. As his career in banking lacked appeal, Malcolm began dealing in books, initially on a part-time basis and from 1980, full-time. Over the last thirty years he has contributed articles on MGs and other British sports cars to magazines like MG Enthusiast, Enjoying MG and The Automobile. He has written eight books on MGs.
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