Subtitle 52 empowering affirmation cards to connect to nature’s magical wisdom

Viki Lester
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Embark on a soulful and enriching self-love journey with the Celestial Flora Affirmation Deck, a timeless collection of 52 empowering affirmation cards.

This magnificent, nature-inspired deck of cards offers spiritual guidance that encourages you to explore self-love. Each card is infused with the mystical wisdom of the flowers and stars, and includes an evocative illustration from floriography-inspired illustrator, Viki Lester (@forensicsandflowers), alongside an affirmation that will enhance your life with the powerful energy of Mother Nature.

Feel the transformational power of flourishing flowers and spiritual skies, including…

  • The moon, for strength and power
  • Daffodils, for self-growth
  • The sun, for positive energy
  • Four-leafed clovers, for luck
  • The stars, for empowerment
  • White lotus flowers, for protecting energy

Also included is a fully illustrated guidebook that explains the meaning and intention of floriography and astrology and features rituals to help you channel the energy of these magnificent forces, empowering you to…

  • Thoughtfully manifest
  • Self-reflect
  • Embrace gratitude
  • Soothe your anxiety
  • Boost your mental health
  • Meditate mindfully

This is the ultimate invitation to listen to the universe’s spiritual guidance and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

If you like Celestial Flora Affirmation Deck, you will enjoy Goddess Oracle Deck / Crystal Oracle Deck also from Leaping Hare Press.

Series Esoteric Decks
Format Kit 96 Pages
ISBN 9781836000990
Size2.95 in x 4.72 in / 75.00 mm x 120.00 mm
Published Date October 10th, 2024
Viki Lester
Viki Lester (@forensicsandflowers) is an illustrator and designer from London, UK. Her artwork combines a dose of positivity with a splash of darkness, and a sprinkle of magic. She has illustrated Practical Crystals, Crystal Oracle Deck, The Witch of the Forest Guides to Natural / Earth / Astrology / Tarot Magick and Tarot Magick Deck. The Celestial Flora Affirmation Deck is Viki's passion project, inspired by her love of gothic architecture, floriography, and celestial magick.
Viki Lester

Viki Lester of Forensics & Flowers is an illustrator from London. Her work inspires people to feel magical, and features positivity with a dark botanical twist. She has previously illustrated Practical Crystals, The Witch of the Forest's Tarot Magick Deck, and Practical Symbols.

Website: https://www.forensicsandflowers.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forensicsandflowers/?hl=en

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