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Terry Horler
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This book is the perfect companion for the first-time or even more experienced buyer in search of an MG Midget or Austin-Healey Sprite. All the information is here to help make a clear and balanced decision, to counter the vendor’s claims, and even negotiate a better price. It will guide you through a simple to use evaluation procedure, warn you of any potential pitfalls, and give guidance on finding a good example. The author has bought and sold many Midgets and Sprites over the years, and his knowledge and enthusiasm will prove a vital resource for potential buyers.
Format Trade Paperback 64 Pages
ISBN 9781787114210
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Published Date December 18th, 2018
Terry Horler
Trained as a tool maker in the aerospace industry, Terry Horler has a keen interest in all things of an engineering nature. His first Austin-Healey Sprite, a 1959 Mk1, was bought from a work colleague in 1969. After considerable repair work, it was sold just nine months later – an action that was soon regretted. The next Sprite came along in 1976, followed by several other Sprites and Midgets. Terry still owns and drives a 1960 Sprite purchased in 1979, and a 1968 Sprite MkIV purchased in 1984. This interest in the marque led Terry, along with another work colleague, to form the Midget and Sprite Club in 1983 when these cars were at their lowest ebb. Since then, Terry has been a technical consultant for the club, writing many articles for the club magazine, forming the Sprite and Midget register, and helping owners with a wide variety of problems. Terry’s first book, Original Sprite and Midget, was published in 1994, and is regarded as the definitive work on these cars. Terry is now the club documentation officer, dealing with valuations, DVLA re-registration applications, and general technical advice.
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