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David Hayhoe
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The first edition of Formula 1 - The Knowledge was groundbreaking: an entire book dedicated to F1 records and trivia, which proved hugely popular with F1 enthusiasts and fans of racing statistics. This new second edition is fully updated, with up-to-date stats, and an extended narrative including many amusing, and some serious, stories from the history of F1. There are performance records of every driver, every car constructor, and every engine make to have taken part, a detailed insight into the variety of qualifying procedures throughout the years, a summary of regulation changes since 1950 and a quick reference guide to every Grand Prix result. Performances are analysed by nationality, youngest/oldest, fastest/slowest, consecutive wins, poles, most wins at different circuits, and lots more. It's not just focused on drivers and cars, but circuits, engines and tires too. A comprehensive photographic section depicts the changing scene of Formula 1 since its inception in 1950. This book will be an invaluable reference that will both entertain and provide definitive data at your fingertips.

What reviewers said about the 1st edition:
"This is the most amazing book. In this latest thing, the author has surpassed himself. This book gives you the facts about every aspect of Formula 1 you could possibly want to know, and a good deal more besides." - Bulletin of the British Racing Drivers' Club
"The most comprehensive compilation of Formula 1 ever. Simply outstanding - you may know a lot about F1 - but here you have more, completely undiscovered items, oceans of F1 trivia to explore." Gran Turismo, Sweden
"A magnificent book. You can get to know absolutely everything on F1, rigorously documented compilation of the most exciting moments of F1 history. Essential for the 'geek' library all Formula 1. A new way of understanding F1." - Auto-Hebdo Sports, Spain
Weird triumphs, heroic failures, unfeasible stats, beyond belief coincidences! It's the story of F1 like you've never read it before. A fest of nerdy entertainment as well as definitive data." - Car Magazine
Every Formula 1 fan will be amazed by this book, simply because they will discover so much they didn’t know. A treat for all fans. Nothing less than the best book for Formula 1 statistics and curiosities." -, Switzerland
Format Hardcover Book 544 Pages
ISBN 9781787112377
Size8.30 in x 10.60 in / 210.82 mm x 269.24 mm
Published Date June 18th, 2019
David Hayhoe
David Hayhoe was born in Beckenham, Kent, in 1954, and educated at Hawes Down Secondary School, West Wickham. His professional career as a Civil Servant began at the age of 17 in London, a career which was to last 33 years. He began in the Department of the Environment in 1971, in housing and road construction statistics, and moved to IT in 1986. He progressed to Aviation Security in 1990 and was an inspector of the airports and airlines throughout the UK from 1992 until he opted for voluntary early retirement in 2004. Alongside his professional career, he developed a Formula 1 database and has written and contributed to numerous Formula 1 books, media guides, magazines and newspapers since the 1980s. His first book was the Grand Prix Data Book in 1989 (published by Haynes), followed by three further editions. It led to being invited to be the statistician for the prestigious Autocourse Grand Prix annual in 1991, a position he has held ever since. In 2016 he self-published the first edition of his latest venture, Formula 1 The Knowledge. This was well-received globally and has led to more ideas to make the second edition even more comprehensive.
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