Subtitle The Life and Style Instruction Manual

Richard Hutt
Description Description
This is a guide for and about the modern man, suitable for the young chap just flying the family nest, the recent graduate moving on, or the newly single older man rediscovering bachelorhood. It contains simple, easy-to-follow advice on managing the pressures of the modern world with style, because adult life doesn’t come with instructions.

Containing advice, hints and instructions on managing your home, health, looks and relationships, Haynes Modern Man will empower you with life skills that are good for your stress levels, self-esteem and social success, and will give you an aura of competence that is highly likely to attract a mate. Learn some basic recipes, how to pack a suitcase, what to wear to a wedding, how to hang a picture and how to mix the best mojito. Develop a dress style that suits you and the occasion, keep fit, clean and sweet smelling, manage your money, and work out when to initiate a man hug.

Whether you are at a job interview, sitting at a poker table, buying a suit, getting ready for a blind date, or about to roast your first chicken, this book will talk you through every stage and ensure a successful outcome.
Format Trade Paperback 164 Pages
ISBN 9781785217234
Size8.30 in x 10.60 in / 210.82 mm x 269.24 mm
Published Date June 9th, 2020
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