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Tim Batty
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Dinosaurs is full of the most enormous creatures who ever lived on our planet, and features 45 species of dinosaur, from favourites such as Stegasorus and Triceratops to the unusual Therizinosaurus, and of course the notorious Tyrannosaurus rex. Packed with fascinating facts, stunning illustrations, and all the vital statistics, this is the essential pocket guide.
Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9781785216770
Size4.80 in x 6.40 in / 121.92 mm x 162.56 mm
Published Date November 26th, 2019
Tim Batty

Tim Batty was educated at the University of Wolverhampton before entering on a career in museums. He is a 'founding father' and curator of The Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester and has been consultant on a number of books on dinosaurs.

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