Subtitle Instant Wit and Wisdom

Simon Whaley
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Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of canine canniness. Never again confuse your BARF with your bite, your BAER with your bark, or your British bulldog with your Bavarian boarhound. Bask in the admiration of your fellow dog lovers as you pronounce confidently on the evolution of the family known as Canidae and hold your own against the most dogmatic of self-professed dog professionals.
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Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9781785212437
Size4.30 in x 7.00 in / 109.22 mm x 177.80 mm
Published Date June 26th, 2018
Simon Whaley
At the age of 14, Simon Whaley wrote to the playwright and author Alan Bleasdale to ask his advice about becoming a writer. "Don’t," replied Bleasdale. "Become a brain surgeon instead. It’s easier." Fortified by these encouraging words, Simon went to work for Barclays Bank for eight years, followed by a stint in local government. None of these career paths led to an obvious future as a writer, or even as the bestselling author of a number of books on dogs, but he got there eventually. His literary pedigree includes One Hundred Muddy Paws for Thought, and One Hundred Ways for a Dog to Train Its Human.
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