Subtitle 50 key concepts and challenges, each explained in half a minute

Mark Fellowes, Dr. Becky Thomas
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Whether you're looking to save the planet or learn more about your local environment, 30-Second Ecology introduces you to the diversity, behaviours and challenges within our ecosystem.

Part of the 30-Second series, this introductory guide to ecology is split into 7 chapters that cover:

  • Evolution & Ecology
  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Population Ecology
  • Communities & Landscapes
  • Biomes & Biodiversity
  • Applied Ecology 
  • Ecology in a Changing World 
Plus profiles of notable ecologists, such as Robert H. Macarthur, Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai.

Each topic is summarised in 300 words with one image, helping you understand the subject at great speed. Written by professors and experts from around the world, this book shows us that humans are truly part of this global ecology, not a separate entity from it and our collective actions have far-reaching ramifications on the environment around us. 

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Series 30 Second
Format Hardcover Book 160 Pages
ISBN 9781782409809
Size7.09 in x 9.06 in / 180.00 mm x 230.00 mm
Published Date September 29th, 2020
Mark Fellowes
Mark Fellowes is a Professor of Ecology at the University of Reading whose research interests include insect ecology and the effects of urbanization.
Dr. Becky Thomas

Becky Thomas is an urban ecologist and Senior Teaching Fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK. Her research interests focus on the conservation biology and ecology of birds and mammals, specifically in how people's decisions affect the ecology of wild species. She is particularly interested in how human activity affects ecological interactions at a range of scales, especially in trying to uncover some of the unexpected and unpredicted consequences of our behaviour.

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