Subtitle The home guide to sausages, charcuterie, smoked meats & more: Smoking, Curing, Grilling, Roasting

Luke Powell
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“Luke is one of the best chefs in the world and it’s time for everyone to get a glimpse into his craft. He is the true vanguard for all things meats and cooking. This book is so awesome. It’s the one and only you’ll ever need, for real.” – Matty Matheson, chef, author, and actor/producer of The Bear

Sausages, salami, bacon and a dry-aged, smoked brisket: all tried-and-true classics answering the questions of how to make meat last longer, go further, taste better. But some meats taste a lot better than others, and there's a reason why: quality meats and quality recipes.

Welcome to the essential companion for cooking and making epic Quality Meats, whether you are a beginner, expert or somewhere in between. From easy recipes for grilling and roasting your favourite cuts, to sandwiches and small plates, to more ambitious undertakings like making bacon, briskets, sausages and charcuterie, or smoking your own meats, acclaimed chef Luke Powell has you covered.

Luke worked in top-level kitchens for decades before pursuing his passion for charcuterie and is now founder and co-owner of hatted restaurant turned smallgoods wholesaler LP's Quality Meats, and Bella Brutta Pizza, both in inner Sydney. He has a chef's sense for flavour and has honed the art of charcuterie at home over multiple decades.
This fully photographed, wibalin-textured hardback has over 80 recipes with step-by-step photography and includes special features on salami and brisket.

Format Hardcover Book 256 Pages
ISBN 9781761500381
Size7.67 in x 9.84 in / 194.82 mm x 249.94 mm
Published Date August 13th, 2024
Luke Powell
Luke Powell is the chef/owner of LP's Quality Meats and Bella Brutta Pizza in Sydney. Luke began his career washing dishes in his native New Zealand in 1996. He moved to Sydney in 2004 and began to work with Martin Boetz at his modern Thai restaurant Longrain. He then went on to work with Martin Benn at The Boathouse on Black Wattle Bay and went with Martin upon his return to Tetsuyas. Luke continued to work there for four years before leaving for Spain to Stage at San Sebastians Mugaritz and returning to Tetsuya in 2010 to take the head chef position until 2012. He then completed a stage at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in upstate New York, it was here that sparked Lukes enthusiasm for charcuterie and handmade products and was the underpinning inspiration for his first restaurant LP's Quality Meats. Luke opened LP's Quality Meats in 2014 and was awarded 'Best Casual Dining' by Time Out Sydney's Food Awards and has since held One Chefs Hat by The Sydney Morning Herald. Luke opened Bella Brutta Pizza in 2018 with a focus on utilising LP's smoked smallgoods such as Mortadella and Pepperoni, which in turn led to a rebranding and new focus for LP's. 2020 saw a shut down and renovation of the existing restaurant space to accommodate a small goods processing facility while still maintaining space for a 50-seater restaurant. The smokers influence on the restaurant menu is still present, however, the smoker is now used full time during the week to pump out small goods that are distributed nationwide. LP's wholesale brand sees an opportunity to be the leading artisan smoked small goods supplier in Australia, utilising only the best quality, free range products and we hope to see the brand develop into a household name synonymous with only the highest quality.
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