Subtitle Easy Techniques for Mastering Digital Drawing on Location

Uma Kelkar
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In Drawing with a Tablet: Easy Techniques for Mastering Digital Drawing on Location, readers will learn step by step how to create amazing drawings while on the go.

In the sixth volume of the Urban Sketching Handbook series, popular artist and workshop instructor Uma Kelkar shows sketchers how to take their digital drawing to the next level. Whether you are new to sketching or wish to try the latest technology, this useful guide shares expert tips and techniques for drawing on a tablet.

With a focus on using the ProCreate tool, but with information that is relevant to other digital platforms, you will start with the basics, such as opening your file, choosing your resolution, determining your palette, and how to simplify your tools by creating a preferred set of brushes. The book also covers using layers and groups of layers, and shows you how to create a sketch from start to finish.

Whether you are drawing at home, en plein air, on the go, or even at night, learn how to enliven your digital drawings and enhance your skills.
Format Trade Paperback 112 Pages
ISBN 9781631598074
Size5.00 in x 8.00 in / 127.00 mm x 203.20 mm
Published Date February 11th, 2020
Uma Kelkar
Uma Kelkar has won multiple awards for her plein air and in studio watercolor paintings. Having taken part in multiple national and international juried shows, she has also exhibited professional solo shows. She is interested in sketching as a daily practice, digital illustration, and her work is also featured in books on urban sketching and portrait painting. Apart from her own practice, Uma curates shows and teaches locally, nationally, and internationally. Her key strength is bridging the gap between traditional and digital media and employing them both as situation demands. When Uma is not doing art on paper or an iPad, she designs chips for high speed communications in Silicon Valley. She holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. The absence of formal art education frees her from norms and allows her to put her emotions on paper and be bold and exploratory in her approach.
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