Subtitle The Good, the Bad, and the Exhausting from the Frontlines of Parenting

Mike Julianelle
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Dad Truths is your antidote to the aspirational parenting craze; this collection of laugh-out-loud stories and non-advice provides much needed real talk and commiseration for parents everywhere. 

You’ve read every other parenting guide, and you still don’t know whether you’re a good parent. Mike Julianelle, the Brooklyn-based dad and founder of Dad and Buried, is here to tell you exactly what you want to hear—that you’re already great and the kids are the problem. Jokes aside, this book provides the help that every fed-up and exhausted parent needs to survive another day, including short essays, funny illustrations, and jokes on topic such as: 
  • You Can’t Handle the Baby-Proof
  • We’re All Mad Here—Well, Mostly the Toddler
  • Stay at Home Dad Trial 
  • Surviving Disney World 
  • The Ultimate Dad Pep Talk 

In this hilarious book, Mike Julianelle will remind you to cut yourself some slack. Parenting is no easy feat and if you’re here, you’re already a pretty great dad.
Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9781631069796
Size5.71 in x 7.68 in / 145.03 mm x 195.07 mm
Published Date April 2nd, 2024
Mike Julianelle
Mike Julianelle is a forty-something Brooklyn dad and digital content creator who shares his experiences as a dad on social media (@dadanadburied, @gottoddered), through blogging, and via his own Dad and Buried podcast. He is working hard to lower the bar for other parents everywhere. He has two sons, and a wife (@momandburied) who also has her own corner of the internet where she shares her own adventures.
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