Subtitle Over 60 Enchanting Images of Ghosts, Witches, and Cozy Haunted Places

Kitty Willow Wilson
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With these 60+ creepy-cute coloring templates, escape to a world of magical forests where ghosts, skeletons, gnomes, jack-o-lanterns, and more await your colorful interpretations.

Creepy-cute is a type of illustration born from a Japanese art trend called “kimo-kawaii” that loosely translates to art that is both charming and disturbing; and nobody knows delightful and spooky better than artist Kitty Willow (@wobblywillows), whose adorably haunting, family-friendly illustrations fill Sweet & Creepy Coloring.

Perfect for connecting with your supernatural side at Halloween and throughout the year, each coloring design is steeped in mystery, with fairy-like dwellings and eerie yet inviting creatures going about their enchanted lives; all they need is your inspired color choices and artistic intuition.

Whether you are an adult or a child, or somewhere in between, press pause on reality and instead:
  • Attend a ghost’s magical birthday party
  • Gaze at a star-filled sky with a chatty snail
  • Finally meet that Frog Prince
  • Chase butterflies with a winged fox

As you add color to the sweet, otherworldly images, enjoy the well-known benefits of coloring: reduced stress, improved focus and mindfulness, and boosted creativity.

Remove your finished pieces for framing or turn them over to find intricate patterns on the reverse sides for even more coloring time.

So grab your pencils, markers, and crayons and start your fantasy journey through all things sweet and creepy.
Kitty Willow Wilson

Kitty Willow Wilson, an artist working in picturesque Somerset, UK, draws inspiration from the ethereal realm of ghosts, the untamed spirit of animals and plants, and the timeless allure of Victorian aesthetics. In a delicate dance between light and darkness, whimsical and spooky, her artwork features an array of enchanting creatures from this world and beyond. Through these visual wonderlands, she invites you to embrace the beauty that lies within the shadows of the natural world.

Instagram: @kittywillowwilsons

TikTok: @kittywillowwilsons

Facebook: Kitty willow wilson illustrations

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