Subtitle Includes technique book, pens, and 80 page drawing journal!

Billy Attinger
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From greeting cards and apparel to comics and the internet, stick figure art has exploded. Artists and non-artists alike can express themselves easily with this medium, and stick figures are ideal for social media feeds because of their simplicity. But conveying a story or an idea through drawing--even with a simple stick figure--takes skill. Billy Attinger, founder of the world famous brand Stick World® shows you how to draw stick figures with personality. In a 32-page technique book, featuring quick lessons and creative prompts, the Create Your Own Stick World Kit will show you how to use cartooning techniques so you can easily learn to draw a stick selfie, stick characters, stick animals and more. With 2 markers, 2 Pencils, 3 Double-Sided Colored Pencils plus a Stickworld Eraser and an 80-page Stickworld sketch journal, you'll try your hand and learn to express emotion, humor, movement, and personality in your stick figures and personalize them with embellishments and accessories. Build and build until you create entire stick cities and engage them in stick wars. The Create Your Own Stick World Kit has everything you need to take your idea to the internet ... and beyond!


32-page paperback technique book with tips on how to draw a range of emotions and ages, as well as symbols and accessories.

2 black markers, one thick and one thin, 2 drawing pencils, 4 double-sided colored pencils plus a stickworld eraser.

80-page Stickworld sketch journal contains prompts and plenty of room to draw.

There is an art to doing anything…even drawing stick figures! The perfect series for aspiring artists who want to start small, Race Point Publishing’s Stick World series encompasses a wide variety of stick-type art. Billy Attinger provides detailed guides to create a vibrant world from simple sticks and circles.

Also in this series: Stick Sketch School, Stick Sketch School: An Animal Adventure.

Series Stick World
Format Kit 0 Page
ISBN 9781631060618
Size9.00 in x 6.50 in x 1.70 in / 228.60 mm x 165.10 mm x 43.18 mm
Published Date July 15th, 2015
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