Subtitle Potions, Charms, and Incantations for the Modern Witch

Wren Maple
Price £16.99
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From Wren Maple, the Thrifty Witch, comes an introduction to witchcraft with a variety of spells, tips, and tricks to get the most out of your practice.

There’s nothing wrong with simple and straightforward. Easy spells are not less worthy spells. These ideas are central to the practice of the Thrifty Witch. Sick of not being able to easily source (or afford) what she needed for spells, Wren Maple dedicated herself to collecting and optimizing spells that could work for all witches—no matter where they were on their journey and no matter their personal resources. Now The Thrifty Witch is sharing her research and bringing her collection to the page for the first time. The Thrifty Witch’s Book of Simple Spells is part primer, part spellbook. It includes:
  • Getting started/witch basics: Witchcraft as self-care, how to establish a practice, and a handful of super-easy spells to get casting today.
  • Key ingredients for spells: Starter stones and herbs, how to source, what to buy first, and more questions answered!
  • Simple spells for every witch: Just like the spells Wren is known for online, nearly every spell in the book requires five items or fewer, and all ingredients are easy to source.
  • Specific spells: Organized by purpose (e.g. love spells, protection spells), these spells are sure to cover what you're looking to cast.
  • Tips and Tricks for Casting: When to cast for best results, where to cast and why it matters...make your spells count! 

The beauty of these spells is that they are easy enough and affordable enough to practice daily. Since practice and process are so important, this book provides an invaluable resource—unlocking the ability to try new spells and refine casting methods multiple times per week—even daily. 
Format Trade Paperback 160 Pages
ISBN 9781592339808
Size7.48 in x 9.68 in / 189.99 mm x 245.87 mm
Published Date February 1st, 2022
Wren Maple
Wren Maple, aka The Thrifty Witch, is the founder of The Thrifty Coven and @TheThriftyWitch on Instagram, a popular and fast-growing resource for witches looking for simple-to-source and easy-to-cast spells. Wren has written about witchcraft and a variety of other topics for pop-culture sites such as Pop Sugar, Teen Vogue, and more. Previous to her witching career, Wren was an editor and writer, contributing to magazines and websites including Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, and other lifestyle publications.
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