Subtitle Short Head-Scratchers from the Easy to Near Impossible

Nathan Haselbauer
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At your home, on the commuter train, or in your doctor's office—whenever you have a minute or two, challenge your brain with these ingenious brainteasers!

Nathan Haselbauer's amazingly clever book of 201 pencil-free brain teasers isn't your typical puzzle book. 60-Second Brain Teasers Pencil-Free Puzzles is the perfect distraction for puzzle lovers with only a few minutes to spare.

Pit your wits against puzzles like:
  • A car dealer spend $20,000 for some used cars. He sold them for $27,500, making an average of $1,500 on each car. How many cars did he sell?
  • A single-elimination billiards tournament is held for 100 players. How many matches must be held before a winner is crowned?
  • If each of Peter's sons has twice as many sisters as brothers and each of his daughters has just as many sisters as brothers, how many sons and daughters does Peter have?
  • If Beth is as old as Bill will be when Trish is as old as Beth is now, who is the oldest?
Hours of mind-bending entertainment await you in 60-Second Brain Teasers Pencil-Free Puzzles. From math and logic puzzles to word games, it should take you around one minute to solve each puzzle. You don't need an advanced math degree to solve these ingenious brain teasers—just an inquisitive mind. Try these puzzles today!
Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9781592339778
Size5.71 in x 7.68 in / 145.03 mm x 195.07 mm
Published Date September 15th, 2020
Nathan Haselbauer
Nathan Haselbauer was the president and founder of the International High IQ Society as well as the chairman of the International Intelligence Testing Committee. His Test for Exceptional Intelligence was one of the most difficult and popular high ceiling intelligence tests available. 
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