Subtitle The Definitive Guide to Caring for Your Clothes and Linens

Zach Pozniak, Jerry Pozniak
Price $22.99 / £17.99
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Do laundry right the first time with The Laundry Book, the ultimate reference guide for all things laundry.

If you’re like most people, laundry is a never-ending chore that you want to spend as little time, effort, and money on as possible, and no one has ever properly taught you how to tackle this chore. Laundry influencer Zach Pozniak and his father, Jerry Pozniak, owners of the luxury dry-cleaning company Jeeves New York and fabric-care experts break down this tedious task into playful and easily digestible pieces for a straightforward, easy-to-navigate book that can live in the laundry room and make doing laundry even enjoyable.

Zach and Jerry provide authoritative information and advice as third- and fourth-generation dry cleaners on all matters of fabric care, including:

  • Science-backed and -tested tips and techniques​
  • ​How to save time, money, and the environment by doing laundry correctly​
  • ​An A-to-Z stain removal guide
  • What ingredients to look for when buying laundry products​
  • How to read clothing care labels​
  • How to extend the life of your clothes​
  • When to call in the professionals
  • and much more!​

This guide aims to cut through the noise and educate you on best practices for clean, vibrant, stain-free, and long-lasting results.

Format Paper Over Board 208 Pages
ISBN 9781577154495
Size6.50 in x 8.00 in / 165.10 mm x 203.20 mm
Published Date October 15th, 2024
Zach Pozniak
Zach Pozniak is a fourth-generation fabric-care expert and dry cleaner who is passionate about providing straightforward clothing-care information through his social media channels and with the media. He owns the New York City branch of the luxury dry cleaner Jeeves with his father, Jerry Pozniak. Zach and Jerry are enthusiastic about creating easy-to-digest segments aimed at destigmatizing dry cleaning and the entirety of garment care.
Jerry Pozniak
Jerry Pozniak owns the New York City branch of the luxury dry cleaner Jeeves with his son, Zach Pozniak, and has over 35 years of dry-cleaning experience, caring for garments that have been exhibited at the Louvre, Cooper Hewitt, FIT, and the Met.
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