Subtitle Look Inside a Great White in Three Dimensions!

David George Gordon
Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description Journey inside a shark and live to tell the tale! With Inside Out Shark, take a 3D tour through a shark’s different body systems to learn about the unique physiology of these eating machines! 

Sharks are some of the largest and most ancient creatures on the planet. This is your chance to learn how they movehow they work, and tons of facts about how they live. Through striking illustrations, fascinating and fair-minded text, and a die-cut model of a great white that reveals the creature’s inner workings, Inside Out Shark brings you all of this information and a whole lot more.
  • Why are shark eggs called “mermaid purses”?
  • What in the world are “skin-teeth”?
  • Do sharks really have no bones in their bodies?
  • Do they deserve the nickname “man-eater”?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this action-packed book, which dives deep under the surface to explore the world of these astounding animals.

From the eerie goblin shark to the wide-eyed hammerhead to the most feared shark of them all, the great white, see the world from a shark’s-eye view—and get an in-depth look at these most mysterious and misunderstood predators.
Format Board Book 16 Pages
ISBN 9780785842033
Size8.50 in x 11.00 in / 215.90 mm x 279.40 mm
Published Date December 31st, 2030
David George Gordon
David George Gordon is the award-wining author of twenty books on topics that range from watching gray whales and bald eagles to appreciating cockroaches, coral reef fishes, and geoduck clams. He has been featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not, National Geographic Kids, The Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. He’s been a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, ABC’s Nightline, and The View. As a bug chef, he has performed at the Smithsonian Institution, Yale University, and Singapore’s Food Fest. Gordon lives in Seattle with his wife and their pet tarantula, Wes.
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