Subtitle An illustrated collection of pussycat tales and feline facts

Tammy Gagne
Price $14.99
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Whether you want to understand more about your fluffy friend, or are simply fascinated by the mysterious world of cats, Amazing Cat Facts and Trivia is for you.

As everyone who has ever owned a cat knows, no other animal on the planet is quite like this amazing creature. Packed with fun facts and colorful illustrations and photos, this book delves into the history and evolution of cats and feline species and breeds. Learn about the physiology of cats, from their senses to their bodies. And, of course, kittens! Explore the psychology of cats and some of their most curious behavior such as their litterbox activity, sleeping habits, and kneading of their little paws.

Amazing Cat Facts and Trivia also offers valuable advice, including how to:

  • Buy or foster a cat
  • Take care of cats with disabilities
  • Choose a breed
  • Decide on an indoor versus outdoor cat

Details about caring for cats, including playtime, carriers, and food and nutrition are covered at length, and health and safety tips help you keep yourself and your cat in tiptop shape. 

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Series Amazing Facts & Trivia
Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780785841937
Size5.95 in x 7.90 in / 151.13 mm x 200.66 mm
Published Date January 10th, 2023
Tammy Gagne
Tammy Gagne is a freelance writer specializing in the health and behavior of companion animals. She has written more than 100 books for both adults and children. She lives in northern New England. 
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