William Breuer
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Behind the great battles and courageous acts of World War II are the schemes and ruses of cloak-and-dagger agencies, the captivating tales of which are told in Deceptions of World War II.

In this book of Wold War II deception, noted military historian and author William Breuer presents more than 80 little-known tales of illusions, masquerades, and fakery—often decisive factors, providing an advantage that likely amounted to the difference between victory and defeat.
Painstakingly researched and collected from personal interviews, official archives, and declassified documents, these fresh, fast-paced accounts take you directly into the minds of the men and women who misled their enemy, uncovered military secrets, and furthered their cause by any means possible: stealing Hitler’s secret weapon, “smuggling” ships to England, financing an FBI coup, impersonating a submarine fleet, unmasking German spies, and even sending Nazis into the White House.

From Nazi Germany on the march to the Allies’ victory, you’ll marvel at the actions of:
  • Ladislas Farago, who was formally classified as insane and yet on active duty in the US Navy, operating as a secret agent
  • The nine Germans who “captured” Belgrade by means of a bold bluff
  • London’s devious “Shadow Warrior,” who invented rumors to throw Germany off its guard and drive a wedge between the Nazi leaders and the military
  • The Oslo Gang, whose mind-boggling exploits helped to convict Norwegian traitors and German war criminals soon after the liberation
  • Greta Garbo, the world-famous Swedish actress who worked undercover for the British and reported on Nazi sympathizers
Writing in an engaging, dramatic style, Breuer is once again at the top of his form, uncovering nuggets of espionage that will enthrall World War II buffs, hungry for new stories of the war, as well as anyone interested in compelling tales of history.
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Format Hardcover + Jacket 256 Pages
ISBN 9780785836520
Size6.13 in x 9.25 in / 155.70 mm x 234.95 mm
Published Date November 6th, 2018
William Breuer

William B. Breuer is a military historian and author of more than 25 books, 10 of which have been main selections of the Military Book Club. Books in his World War II series include Undercover Tales of World War II, Bizarre Tales of World War II, Secret Weapons of World War II, Unexplained Mysteries of World War II, and Daring Missions of World War II, and many more.

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