Subtitle How to chop wood, avoid a lightning strike, and everything else your parents should have taught you!

Nic Compton, Kim Davies, David Martin, Sara Rose
Price $14.99
Description Description

Behold, a comprehensive visual guide on everything you've thought learning might be useful but never got around to doing just yet. Whether you're 17 or 700, Life Skills is your personal road map to becoming a fully functioning adult - it's your mentor, tutor, driving instructor, mom and dad, grand parent, scout master, and coach rolled up into one.

In user friendly, terms and with a witty voice, Life Skills will be your go-to guide for most (if not all) of your problems. Whether crafts or camping tickles your fancy (as well as every subject in-between) you'll be well disposed to have this guide on yours side. Simple instructions direct you through the essential steps to make you a fully functioning adult.

From patching a whole in your pocket to preforming the Heimlich Maneuver, you'll be hard pressed to find a book that covers your needs so extensively. With beautiful engravings and clear step-by-step instructions, this book contains everything you need to become a fully functioning adult.

If you didn't know where to look to learn first aid techniques that could save someone's life; alternative cleaning methods to make your home look immaculate; instant gourmet recipes to impress your friends; basic car and bicycle maintenance techniques and fantastic DIY tips... well you do now. Almost every dilemma you could possibly be faced with, for making the best martini to escaping a sinking car are bundled up in this handy little book.

Format Flexi-Bind 352 Pages
ISBN 9780785834694
Size5.20 in x 8.63 in / 132.08 mm x 219.20 mm
Published Date August 15th, 2016
Nic Compton

Nic Compton was brought up on boats in the Mediterranean and one of his earliest practical memories is of his father teaching him to tie a bowline knot at the age of six. He has worked as a carpenter and shipwright, and rebuilt bicycles before turning his attention to more academic matters. He has written six books, including Sailing Solo and The Great Classic Yacht Revival.

Kim Davies

Kim Davies is a writer, adventurer, and practical mother who has changed diapers in moonlit lay-bys, crossed india on a shoestring, and applied emergency first-aid to jellyfish stings. She practices yoga and knows how to tie a bow-tie. Her published titles include Go Green, Save Money and The Baby and Toddler Meal Planner.

David Martin

David Martin is an Adventurer and explorer whos favorite pastimes include sailing motorcycle touring, trekking, and camping. To pursue safely his love of the outdoors, David has undergone a number of first aid and other sport-related safety courses, as well as developing a good understanding of field craft and how to react in adverse conditions.

Sara Rose

Sara Rose has written many books on nutrition, health, and fitness, and is the best-selling author of Vitamins and Minerals. A busy mother of two and a proud professor of an allotment, her indispensable advice will help you maintain your home, impress others with your culinary skills, and make the most of your garden in a practical, time-saving way.

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