Subtitle Build your best life one small change at a time

Emine Rushton, Jocelyn de Kwant
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Research shows the best way to bring real, sustainable change into your life is to introduce healthier habits and routines slowly, and one at a time. Whether you’re making New Year’s resolutions or picking up this book in the middle of the year, Holistic Habits will help you to focus on encouraging better habits all year round, and enable you to start living your most empowered life. 

From building a better bedtime routine, to getting outside into nature more and reconnecting with those around you, learn, through 365 simple and practical prompts, how to change your life for the better, one day at a time. 

Focusing on building one new gentle habit per month, Holistic Habits will show you how to: 

  • Prioritise rest and rejuvenation: Build better bedtime and morning routines that will allow you to rest, and give you the energy you deserve 
  • Swap doom scrolling for gentle strolling: From a mini digital detox to spending more time out in nature with loved ones, swap disconnection from for reconnection with the world around you 
  • Practice gratitude for a happier outlook on life: Learn how to notice the beauty in the everyday things, and find joy and peace in the simpler moments of life 
  • Declutter your physical and mental space: Cleanse your home and headspace of clutter and make room for yourself to bloom and grow 
  • Nourish your body: Treat yourself to gentle movement and feed your mind, body, and soul with good food and exercise 


Filled with simple daily exercises, including some to be written into the book, this gentle guide will help transform your year one day at a time. 

You’ll never need to make a New Year’s Resolution again! 

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Format Paperback Layflat 224 Pages
ISBN 9780711289642
Size6.69 in x 9.06 in / 170.00 mm x 230.00 mm
Published Date December 28th, 2023
Emine Rushton

Emine Rushton is the co-founder of This Conscious Life, a blog and podcast that celebrates the joys of living naturally, seasonally and joyfully. She is editor of mindfulness and well-being magazine Oh and was Wellbeing Director at Psychologies magazine for 9 years. Emine is the co-author of SATTVA: The Ayurvedic Way to Live Well, a holistic therapist, and a student of Herbal Medicine.

Jocelyn de Kwant
Jocelyn De Kwant is a journalist and editor specializing in mindfulness and simple living. She writes for Flow, an international award-winning magazine about creativity and mindfulness. Jocelyn worked for MTV and several Dutch magazines, but after experiencing burn-out she turned to embrace slower living and mindfulness. Jocelyn now lives in a very green area of Amsterdam with her family, vegetable garden, and VW-bus.

Instagram:@jocelyndekwant  Twitter:@JocelyndeKwant 
Pui Lee
Pui is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in London, with a playful and graphic approach. A conceptual thinker developing creative concepts and directions to the finished product or campaign.

Scout Editions are an art studio based in London.  A brother and sister collective - Wai and Pui. A design and illustration - led paper and lifestyle brand. Both are keen travellers and share a love of art, design, fashion and interiors. With a love of storytelling and folklore they decided to create a space inspired by stories. The idea of an item having a story of its very own be it from the past or the present, making it the perfect collectable and gift. 

Each item on Scout Editions is created by the two and sometimes they collaborate with fellow designers and brands. Many are limited editions or part of a series, so catch them while you can! They enjoy experimenting with formats and techniques to bring a unique item which will hopefully make great mementos for years to come. All paper goods are printed on quality FSC certified paper, UK. Where possible they try our best to produce our products in the UK also using recycled materials and printing with vegetable or water based inks.
Clare Owen

Clare Owens is a Bristol-based illustrator with over 12 years of exciting collaboration across a diverse range of clients and projects. She loves using bold shapes, colour and texture to create a way of working that has been described as ‘fun, yet classy and sophisticated’.

Website: https://www.clareowen.com

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