Subtitle A Pictorial Guide to the World's Flora

Leon Gray
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Flowering Plants is a comprehensive source of botanical information. More than 100 flowering plant families are profiled with authoritative text and featured in more than 700 beautiful artworks. An easily navigated reference, this book is ideal for gardeners, horticulturalists and anyone interested in botany.

The book is divided into the two flowering plant groups: the dicotyledons, or dicots, which typically have two leaves in the seed's embryo, and the monocotyledons, or monocots, which typically have one leaf in the seed's embryo. This handsome reference includes familiar ornamentals, such as carnations, begonias and daffodils, as well as plants that are not as well known for their flowers, such as milkweed, ginseng and tea. As you flip through the pages of Flowering Plants, you will learn more and more about these beautiful gifts from nature.

Each entry is presented across two or more pages and includes a full page of detailed color illustrations that show the plant's anatomy, with all parts labeled in Latin and English. The expert text describes the plant's physical features, distribution and economic uses. Also included in Flowering Plants is a classification list of all plant families. For the person who loves plants and flowers in your life, Flowering Plants makes a perfect gift.

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Format Hardcover Book 288 Pages
ISBN 9780785833062
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Published Date October 23rd, 2015
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