Jessica Fisher
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Description Description Cook for a week, or two weeks or even more, in just a few hours in the kitchen—and have incredibly delicious, completely nutritious meals waiting for you when you need them.

Are the demands of work and family cutting into the time you have available for weekday cooking? Join the meal-prep revolution that is taking home kitchens by storm! By setting aside time on a Saturday or Sunday, you can prep anywhere from three or four to ten or fifteen make-ahead meals. But to be the best meal-prepper you can be, your most important tool is your freezer—for the simple reason that food won’t keep for long in the refrigerator. The more you freeze, the more meals you can make ahead. Find all the recipes, tips, and tricks you need for meal-prep success in Simple and Delicious Make-Ahead and Freeze Recipes.

Author Jessica Fisher, mom of six, lives the meal-prep lifestyle and distills her busy-mom-in-the-kitchen wisdom on her popular blog Good Cheap Eats. In this book she reveals, in recipes not available on her blog, the tastiest, easiest-to-make, most money-saving, and, most importantly, most freezer-friendly recipes in her considerable arsenal. They include:
  • Potatoes Au Gratin with Ham and Gruyere
  • Lemon-Tarragon Fish Fillets
  • Sweet and Sour Teriyaki Chicken
  • Beef Taquitos Casserole-Style
  • Pasta Bake with Thyme and Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
  • Smoky Vegetarian Chili
  • Spiced Pumpkin Custards

Includes many, many more cost-saving recipes for incredible breakfasts, lunches, and dinners; meal-planning charts; advice on how to cook in batches in the least time possible; and helpful lists of freezer-storage dos and don’ts.

Take the stress out of weekday cooking with Simple and Delicious Make-Ahead and Freeze Recipes.
Format Trade Paperback 144 Pages
ISBN 9780760391020
Size7.50 in x 9.25 in / 190.50 mm x 234.95 mm
Published Date May 14th, 2024
Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher is a busy mom of six children, ranging from kindergarten to high school. Homeschool mom by day, freelance writer and blogger by night, she writes two popular blogs, Life as Mom and Good Cheap Eats. Jessica has written online for The Kitchn, Life Your Way, Money Saving Mom, $5 Dinners, and Simple Mom and in print for more than 85 regional parenting publications in the US and Canada. She lives with her husband and children in San Diego, California, and is an avid home cook. She is also the author of Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook.

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