Subtitle Eat Well and Maintain Health Naturally with Less Salt

Dick Logue
Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description Hundreds of simple, flavor-filled recipes to make the transition to a low-sodium diet easy and delicious

Adapted from 500 Low Sodium Recipes by Dick Logue, Low-Sodium Cooking Made Easy will help you make the journey into a low-salt regimen that puts flavor first. If you’ve recently been prescribed a low-sodium diet to improve your heart and/or kidney health, adapting to this new lifestyle doesn’t have to be punishing. This cookbook offers a plethora of delicious recipes that are easy to make at home, even if you have forever been a fast-food, take-out junkie and have little to no experience with cooking for yourself. You will not only learn the basics of low-sodium cooking but you will learn to cook, shop, and enjoy your new lifestyle without sacrificing taste.

Low-Sodium Cooking Made Easy offers:
  • A comprehensive introduction to a low-sodium diet—Learn how to keep track of your sodium intake, read labels, find and use low-sodium ingredients and alternatives, use spice blends and seasonings to enhance flavor, and replace common high-sodium foods and ingredients with healthier alternatives you can easily make at home.
  • A diverse range of recipes for every occasion—With easy-to-make recipes for everything you love to eat, including Chicken Pot Pie, Honey-Glazed Spareribs, Cheddar Biscuits, Balsamic and Maple Salmon, Focaccia Bread, Devil’s Food Cake, and more.
  • Nutrition information for every recipe—Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis to make it simple for you to keep on track with your low-sodium diet.

A low-sodium lifestyle can be delicious and healthy with this resource at your fingertips!
Format Trade Paperback 144 Pages
ISBN 9780760380192
Size7.50 in x 9.25 in / 190.50 mm x 234.95 mm
Published Date December 6th, 2022
Dick Logue

Dick Logue is the author of several diet-friendly cookbooks and has been following a heart-healthy lifestyle for decades now. After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure more than 20 years ago, Dick threw himself into the process of creating healthy versions of his favorite recipes and writing about it on his website. A cook since the age of 12, he grows his own vegetables, bakes his own bread, and cans a variety of foods. He is the author of 500 Low Sodium Recipes, 500 Low-Cholesterol Recipes, 500 High Fiber Recipes, 500 Low Glycemic Index Recipes, 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes, 500 400-Calorie Recipes, and 500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes, among others. He lives in La Plata, Maryland.

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