Subtitle Research, Strategy, Design, Implementation

David Airey
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Description Description Delve into the fascinating world of visual identities with Identity Designed: The Process, an essential resource by renowned graphic designer David Airey.

In this comprehensive and insightful book, Airey guides you through the four fundamental stages of the design process: research, strategy, design, and implementation. Written for a diverse audience, from design students to professionals in a range of roles, his unique insights and practical advice will help you succeed in crafting and managing impactful visual identities.
Drawing upon his expertise and extensive knowledge of the design profession, Airey not only shares lessons learned from projects he’s worked on throughout his successful career—he also features compelling case studies from top-level design studios such as Frost*collective, Pentagram, Bond, Bielke&Yang, Manual, DutchScot, and many more. These case studies serve as illuminating examples, showcasing the application of effective identity design principles in everyday contexts.
With its practical approach and thought-provoking analysis, Identity Designed: The Process equips you with the essential knowledge and tools needed to develop enduring, distinctive identities. By emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between creativity and strategic thinking, Airey guides you through the process of designing identities that resonate, that convey a persuasive brand narrative, and that ultimately improve how businesses function.
Whether you’re a student or teacher looking for an updated reference, professional designer wanting to grow and refine your skills, a design enthusiast seeking inspiration, a marketing expert needing to improve company communications, or a business owner aiming to enhance your brand’s visual presence, Identity Designed: The Process is an invaluable resource. It will help you make intentional creative choices to positively shape and transform the visual world around you.
Format Hardcover Book 240 Pages
ISBN 9780760384060
Size8.50 in x 10.00 in / 215.90 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date June 4th, 2024
David Airey

Designer of enduring logos and visual identities, David Airey runs an independent graphic design studio in Northern Ireland, collaborating with clients worldwide to grow their businesses through distinctive, meaningful, and emotive design.

The pages of his design websites — Logo Design Love & Identity Designed — are visited millions of times each year, compelling David to write their accompanying books. The first, Logo Design Love, is available in thirteen languages, an expanded second edition, and is included on the reading lists of design courses around the world. The second, Identity Designed, is, in the words of Adobe’s principal designer, Khoi Vinh, “not just a beautifully designed book, but also beautiful in its depth and detail about the identity design process.”

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