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Now from Rockport Publishers and including new content: Saigami, Volume 2.

Saigami, Volume 2 continues the journey of the young teenage woman Ayumi as she discovers more about her astral flame powers, her adopted land of Aesztrea, and even her own identity.

The day of the Saigami Initiation Exam has come. Despite her best effort and newfound optimism, Earth native Ayumi isn’t ready for it. What will she do when she finds herself all alone again, and her best attempts come up short? New players have entered the contest, and Ayumi must determine how badly she wants to succeed in this new fantasy world. Can she become the warrior she wasn’t meant to be?

The Initiation Exam throws an unexpected curveball at young Saigami candidates, including Ayumi, who has arrived in this strange fantasy world under mysterious circumstances. While these young, powerful teenagers have no way of knowing, the contest strings are being pulled from the shadows, putting their future careers—and their lives—in jeopardy.

Ayumi and the others will have to act fast, be clever, and rely on unlikely alliances to survive this test. Can a fellow female Saigami initiate help Ayumi in her darkest hour? Refusing to be a damsel in distress, Ayumi’s not ready to go down without a fight, and her mighty new flame powers are burning hotter than ever!

Saigami is rated T for Teen, recommended for ages 13 and up.

Saturday AM, the world’s most diverse manga-inspired comics, are now presented in a new format! Introducing Saturday AM TANKS, the new graphic novel format similar to Japanese Tankobons where we collect the global heroes and artists of Saturday AM. These handsome volumes have select color pages, revised artwork, and innovative post-credit scenes that help bring new life to our popular BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or culturally diverse characters.

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Series Saturday AM TANKS / Saigami
Format Trade Paperback 224 Pages
ISBN 9780760382325
Size5.28 in x 7.50 in / 134.11 mm x 190.50 mm
Published Date June 6th, 2023
Seny (AO Viorál) is a European LGBTQ creator, born and raised in Pécs, Hungary. Known online as SaigamiProject, she’s been active in the Western manga scene for over a decade. She aspires to create stories with proper representation of relatable, diverse characters who may be LGBTQ or strong-willed female leads who will inspire young readers. She’s one of the co-founders of Saturday AM, one of the world’s most diverse manga brands.

Saturday AM is a unique digital comics brand featuring an ever-growing catalog of popular, exclusive and diverse action manga-style webcomics by independent creators from around the world. Among the nearly 50 visionary artists on the Saturday AM team are @WhytManga (Apple Black), @JeyOdin (Hammer), and @saigamiproject (Saigami). To learn more about Saturday AM, visit, or find them on Instagram (@saturday_am), YouTube (, and Twitter (@saturday_am). 

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