Subtitle A Handbook and Cards for Using Earth’s Wisdom for Personal Transformation

James Wanless
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Description Description Tap into Earth’s wisdom to live more sustainably with her guided by this oracle deck and handbook set from James Wanless, creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot.
The exigencies of life in the 21st century—pandemics, environmental crisis, overpopulation, and fewer resources—have made sustainability the holy grail of our lives today. We must follow Earth’s wisdom and live in concert with her natural cycles if we are to survive and thrive.
Accompanied by a 160-page handbook, the Sustain Yourself Oracle set includes 101 cards featuring:
  • Stunning collage images of nature, the elements, and the animal kingdom encompassing all life on Earth—flora, fauna, minerals, and human conditions—all in kaleidoscopic array.
  • Aspects of daily life, states of being, natural vistas, and astronomical phenomena that speak to the need to care for the planet as well as the self.
  • Every theme, from cooperation, diversity, evolution, transformation, birth, aging, and death to the cycles of creation and destruction, with oracle cards for Darkness, Nothing, Creative Chaos, Wildness, and Imagination, and so much more. 
This gorgeous oracle set shows you how to apply universal eco-principles and Earth wisdom to live a more empowered and balanced life.
Format Kit 160 Pages
ISBN 9780760381724
Size7.90 in x 9.30 in / 200.66 mm x 236.22 mm
Published Date April 11th, 2023
James Wanless
James Wanless, PhD, is a pioneer of new thinking for organizational and personal transformation, motivation, and empowerment. He received his doctorate in political science from Columbia University in 1972. He is an internationally recognized and best-selling author, keynote speaker, futurist, and consultant. An internationally known coach and creativity consultant, he teaches strategic goal-setting, innovation techniques, creative right-brain processes to corporations and individuals worldwide.
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