Subtitle Current with 2021-2023 Codes - Electrical • Plumbing • Construction • Mechanical

Bruce Barker
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Description Description The BLACK+DECKER Codes for Homeowners 5th Edition is a DIY-friendly guidebook to building codes that shows you just the information you need for the codes that actually impact today’s homeowners.

Get those home projects you’ve been putting off done—and up to code. All of the most common standards are addressed in this new edition of BLACK+DECKER Codes for Homeowners, including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction. This guidebook goes beyond simply reporting the codes; it interprets them for you and explains them clearly, with color photos and simple graphics.

This 5th edition is current with the 2020 National Electrical Codes and 2021 International Residential Codes.

After an introduction to the basics of codes, permits, and the inspection process, find easy-to-reference guidance on meeting codes for:
  • Building design and safety, including habitable rooms, emergency escape openings, doors and windows, ventilation and exhaust, and more
  • Structural components, including foundations, crawlspaces, decks, floor systems, wall systems, roof systems, and more
  • Exterior components, covering shingle roof-covering installation and fireplaces and chimneys
  • Heating and air conditioning, including HVAC appliances and ducts, vents for fuel-burning appliances, and more
  • The home plumbing system and water supply piping

Written by national codes expert Bruce Barker and created under the supervision of the BLACK+DECKER company, Codes for Homeowners does what no other code book accomplishes: it makes codes and building standards simple to understand and visualize, so you can be confident that your DIY projects are safe and will pass inspections.
Format Trade Paperback 240 Pages
ISBN 9780760381649
Size8.25 in x 10.81 in / 209.55 mm x 274.64 mm
Published Date January 17th, 2023
Bruce Barker

Bruce Barker is president of Dream Home Consultants, LLC., a building inspection and consulting firm. He has built or inspected more than 3,000 homes during his 30 years in the construction and building inspection industries. Mr. Barker is a Residential Combination Inspector, certified by the International Code Council. He is also a licensed contractor in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

Mr. Barker is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). He has served on the Board of Directors and was previously chairman of the Society’s national Standards of Practice Committee. He was also vice president of the North Carolina ASHI chapter. Mr. Barker is a frequent contributor of technical articles to ASHI Reporter, Home Energy, Builder News, and other publications. Mr. Barker is also a member of the International Code Council.

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