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Get to know the human body from head to toe as you remove and examine squishy organs and brains from a realistic model of a human skeleton and a model skull!

Totally Squishy from Head-to-Toe comes with a giant, 12-inch-tall skeleton filled with squishy organs, glow-in-the-dark bones, and muscle fibers. Investigate and dissect every part of the human body with realistic surgical tools to get an understanding of what makes our bodies work.

When that’s done, dive into pulling apart a brain! Totally Squishy from Head-to-Toe also includes a giant skull full of mushy brain tissue and gooey eyeballs. Get a look at all the pieces of the brain and learn what each section does. Once everything is pulled out, reassemble it all with the 24-page activity book! Ten activity cards provide more amazing facts and trivia as well as ideas for experiments to test the different things our bodies can do.

With Totally Squishy from Head-to-Toe, explore the most complex machine in the world—you!

  • Explore the mysteries of the human body and brain: This dissectible science kit comes with a model of a human body with realistic-feeling squishy organs and large skull with a squishy brain
  • 60 pieces, incredible value: 8 Squishy Brain Parts, 4 Skull Pieces, 2 Glow-in-the-Dark Eyeballs, Spinal Cord & Vertebrae, Skull Model Display Stand, 12-inch (30.48 cm) Human Body Model, Body Model Display Stand, 9 Squishy Organs, 12 Bones (that glow!) & Muscles, Plastic Forceps, Plastic Tweezers, Plastic Scalpel, Organ-izer Poster, 10 Activity Cards, Instruction/Assembly Sheet, and 24-Page Illustrated Book
  • Heads up for STEAM fun: Go to the head of the anatomy academy as you dig in and discover the structure of the amazing human brain!
  • Insides out: Learn firsthand what each body part is responsible for as you remove it or add it to your body model. From nose to toes, the realistic model gets to the heart of the matter!
  • Put it all together with activity cards and a book: Ten activity cards and a 24-page book dive deep to show how the brain and body work together to keep you walking, talking, thinking, feeling, breathing, eating, laughing, and learning. Each illustrated card describes the function of a specific body part and shows you how to remove the part from the model. Hands-on learning activities help you understand how the body part functions in YOUR body. Activities include adding vinegar to milk to understand how stomach acid works in digestion and breaking open a chicken bone to see the marrow inside.
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great anatomy and biology lesson plan for a homeschool curriculum or for any kid (or adult) fascinated with how their body works.
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Published Date July 1st, 2013
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