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Explore the gross-tastic side of science with this lab kit featuring a motorized toilet bowl mixer with real flushing sounds!

Chemistry has never been this gross—or fun! That’s Gross Science Lab includes disgustingly cool tools—a toilet bowl mixer, biohazard container, freaky funnel, barf mold, and more—that kids can use to craft yucky yet hilarious experiments.

You will discover that there’s more to the activities than just cheap, gross-out laughs, though. Learn about polymers by making Snot Slime and cross-linked polymers playing with Potty Putty (bouncing slime). Create a foaming chemical reaction with Overflowing Toilet Emergency. Explore static electricity with Electric Sludge, density by creating a Vile Vial with liquids stacked in layers, non-Newtonian fluids with Gooey Pooey, and more.

Now that’s engrossing science!

  • It’s gross! It’s science! It’s awesome! This gross-out lab includes all the tools and instructions you need to conduct incredible icky experiments demonstrating important STEAM principles
  • 16-piece kit includes a motorized toilet bowl mixer: The other included items are 2 bubble beakers with slime stand, biohazard container, garbage can shaker, freaky funnel, maggot mold, barf mold, centipede mold, worm spoon, bubble wand, and 24-page illustrated activity book
  • 26 outrageous science experiments teach the science behind the yuck: An engaging 24-page activity book investigates cell respiration, acid and bases, diffusion, gas expansion, surface tension, and more with sick concoctions such as Whirling Technicolor Moo Juice, Popping Poo, Yellow Snow, and Gaggots
  • Experiments require additional easy-to-find items/ingredients: applesauce, baking soda, borax, butter or margarine, cabbage, carbonated water or soda, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, cooking spray, light corn syrup, cornstarch, dish soap, egg, unflavored and flavored gelatin, honey, among other items you probably already have
  • Perfect for budding chemists ages 8+: Great activity for sleepovers, play dates, and family fun nights
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Published Date July 1st, 2014
SmartLab Toys
SmartLab Toys' passion is creating toys and games that give children and parents opportunities to learn and play together. Since 2004, SmartLab Toys' STEAM products have earned more than 50 of the toy industry's most prestigious awards, including multiple Oppenheim Platinum awards, Good Housekeeping Best Toy awards, and Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year awards. Each toy comes with a kid-friendly learning guide packed with solid science. The concepts presented are based on established scientific principles and fact-checked by experts. Better yet, our science-based activities make learning FUN!
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