Subtitle 78 cards and guidebook

Diana McMahon Collis
Price $24.99 / £19.99
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  • Botanical tarot cards: Beautifully illustrated cards call on the language of flowers to help you access deeper meanings in your readings
  • Illustrated deck: Containing 78 cards and an 80-page guidebook
  • Attractive gift package: Decorative storage box with a hinged lid. Cards printed on high-quality stock for a smooth, long-lasting finish. Plus a softcover guidebook with spine
  • The perfect gift for tarot collectors and flower fans alike

Access the wisdom of flowers using this beautiful, floral tarot deck
Use the language of flowers to illuminate your past, present and future with this 78-card tarot deck and guidebook. Flowers have been used to transmit hidden meanings for centuries – from yellow roses for infidelity to hyacinths for gratitude. Unlock your intuition with floriographic insight from the iconic archetypes of the Major Arcana, including Violet as the High Priestess, Sunflower as the Emperor and Chrysanthemum as the Sun. Every card has been carefully paired by an expert tarot reader so the language of flowers enhances the intrinsic meanings of the tarot. Your highest self is ready to bloom.

Diana McMahon Collis
Diana McMahon Collis has written for thirty years on astrology, tarot, and health, and is a non-fiction editor/mentor of Mind, Body, & Spirit titles at JerichoWriters.com. In 2001 she co-founded the Tarot Association of the British Isles TABI.org.uk. She has worked as the in-house astrologer for Easyjet and Spa World magazines and as a regular speaker and consultant at Champneys Forest Mere health resort. She is currently writing for The Mountain Astrologer and holds the Company of Astrologers' Advanced Horoscopy Certificate. She has written articles and columns and reviewed tarot decks, and astrology and tarot books for a wide range of outlets, as well as collaborating on several books. 
Nina Pace
Nina Pace is a painter, illustrator, and surface designer based just outside of New York City, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. She is passionate about florals in all shapes and sizes and draws most of her inspiration from nature. 
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