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Lindsay Squire
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'Every witch uses her magic differently. I use mine to heal people, while others ...'
'What do the others do!? Are there many different types of witches!?'
'Oh yes! Many ...'

Join Lindsay, a young and curious 19th-century lass, as she meets Biddy Early, the famous 'wise woman of County Clare', and learns all about the magickal arts – from which plants can be used to make healing poultices and potions, to how people dealt with the social and political stigma of practising witchcraft.

Biddy Early, who lived from 1798–1874 in Ireland, was by no means the first-ever witch, but she was the first to appear on the historical record. Before her, fears and superstitions surrounding practitioners of 'the nameless art' were too strong. It is said that Biddy took an apprenticeship with the 'good folk', sidhe or faeries, when she was very young, and it was from them that she learnt her skill as a healer.

Never one to accept monetary payment for the help she offered, Biddy would often swap home-brewed alcohol for her services, which in turn made her ramshackle cottage in Feakle a hub for the local community. When her little corner of the county drew the attention of the Catholic Church and the local authorities, things became very difficult for this unusual woman…

Encompassing self-empowerment, feminism, dealing with stigma and eco-spirituality, as well as plant magic, traditions, and green wisdom, Witchcraft: A Graphic History is a fresh take on an endlessly fascinating subject.

Series Graphic MBS
Format Hardcover Book 128 Pages
ISBN 9780711295254
Size6.69 in x 9.06 in / 170.00 mm x 230.00 mm
Published Date October 17th, 2024
Lindsay Squire
Lindsay Squire aka The Witch of the Forest is a practitioner of eclectic Witchcraft and is the Witch behind the popular Instagram account, @thewitchoftheforest. She has been walking her own spiritual path for over a decade, and is passionate about helping and empowering Witches at the beginning of their Witchcraft journeys. She is the author of several titles on witchcraft and astrology, including those from the Witch of the Forest's Guide to... series, such as Astrology Magick, Natural Magick, Earth Magick, and Tarot Magick. Lindsay lives in her home county of Yorkshire with her husband and their mischievous cats, Luna and Merlin.
Lisa Salsi

Lisa Salsi (Modena, 1991) attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, obtaining diplomas in Comics and Illustration and Comics Languages.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisa_salsi/p/C3Vkhsks_D8/

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