Subtitle An Atlas of Forgotten Horticultural Treasures

Sandra Lawrence
Price $26.00 / £19.99
Description Description A romantic illustrated journey through forty captivating gardens lost to time.
All over the world, once-flourishing horticultural spaces have been abandoned and forgotten. From the once-crumbling grandeur of the Villa d’Este and the magic of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, to the sculptural surrealism of Las Pozas and the colourful rebirth of the Jardin Marjorelle, there are countless gardens around the world with fascinating stories to tell.  
Author and journalist Sandra Lawrence takes readers on a tour of 40 horticultural gems from around the world that have been lost either through neglect, abandonment or destruction. Many have been consigned to history, never to be seen again, while others have been revived and restored by the care and dedication of new owners and communities. These marvels of horticulture take many forms: stately homes, floating allotments, roof gardens and more. But all of them have one thing in common: the romance of paradise lost. 
Featuring commissioned illustrations of each garden by renowned artist Lucille Clerc, this book is a celebration of our love of nature, and the importance of keeping these oases of green alive and well – if not in reality, then at least on the page. 
These charming gardens are brought back to life, including:
  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan, England 
  • Las Pozas, Mexico 
  • Le Jardin Marjorelle, Morocco 
  • The Garden of Dreams, Nepal 
  • Villa D’Este, Italy 
  • Palais Het Loo, Netherlands 
  • Crowninshield Garden, USA 

Discover the remarkable stories behind the creation, decline and occasional rebirth of these astonishing spaces, and meet the people and societies that first created and enjoyed them.
The perfect gift for garden lovers, armchair travellers and cultural enthusiasts.
Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711292680
Size6.69 in x 8.86 in / 170.00 mm x 225.00 mm
Published Date October 3rd, 2024
Sandra Lawrence
Sandra Lawrence is an author and journalist and has written about gardens for, among others, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, English Garden, LandScape, Garden News, Modern Gardens, Hortus and British Heritage. Her seventeen books include The Witch’s Garden (2019), The Magic of Mushrooms (2022) and Anthology of Amazing Women (2018). She is also the author of Miss Willmott’s Ghosts (2022), a biography of Edwardian plantswoman Ellen Ann Willmott, whose ruined garden fuelled Sandra’s own childhood fantasies of treasure hunting in lost gardens.
Lucille Clerc
Lucille Clerc is a French illustrator based in London. She mainly works in editorial design and book illustration and sometimes designs interior and exhibition spaces. Her work is inspired by the natural world and the streets and architecture of London. 
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