John Phillips
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Description Description Yo, what's up, Fuzznut? Sing along with the viral TikTok song Bad Hair Day in this riotous journey through the world's worst bad hair day EVER! 

You won't be able to stop laughing, or dancing, along to this extraordinary tale. Have you ever woken up with hair that looks like the back end of a chicken? Well, let our hilarious chicken sidekick lead you through the WORST bad hair day, from hair that turns GREEN, to dreaded SCHOOL PHOTOS!

Both hilarious and heart-warming, Bad Hair Day pairs a story everyone can enjoy with the iconic 'Bad Hair Day' song lyrics and dance moves so that you can either read, dance or sing along with this only too relatable tale! You can even scan the QR code on the back to sing and dance along with the accompanying lyric video. 

Mousse ain't stickin', water ain't slickin',
It looks like a feather from the back end of a chicken.
I ain't gonna use no silly hair spray…
I’m havin' such a bad hair day.

Authored by the Bad Hair Day song creator and New Zealand primary school teacher, John Phillips, and humorously brought to life with Jennifer Jamieson's quirky illustrations, this is an endlessly entertaining picture book to be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

Full of whacky hair-dos, silliness, chickens and ultimately a message of joyful inclusivity, Bad Hair Day is the perfect picture book adventure. Is having a bad hair day really the worst thing in the world?

Format Juvenile - Paperback 32 Pages
ISBN 9780711290150
Size9.25 in x 11.42 in / 235.00 mm x 290.00 mm
Published Date October 26th, 2023
John Phillips
John Phillips is a teacher of over 34 years who has written and recorded many classic songs for children. He has developed a writing style that weaves fun, family adventures, and humor with catchy melodies. Living and working in Nelson, New Zealand, John is passionate about unleashing his student's hidden musical talents—providing them with positive performance experiences and copious amounts of fun! 
Jennifer Jamieson
Jennifer Jamieson is a freelance Illustrator and Designer living in sunny England surrounded by beautiful forest. She loves creating quirky characters and bringing their wonderful personalities to life. She has a passion for inclusiveness and is a strong advocate for representation in children’s books. She loves the idea that we can change the world by the books we read and create.
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