Subtitle Chess conundrums, puzzles and posers for every day of the year

Roland Hall
Price $19.99 / £12.99
Description Description As the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal famously said, "Chess is the gymnasium of the mind". With The Chess Lover's Puzzle Book your mind is in for an amazing workout!

Chess is a game of strategy, planning and problem-solving. It is deceptively simple, and learning the rules means a lifetime of intellectual challenge for adults and children, in person or online. It has lasted centuries and shows no sign of fading any time soon. Quite the opposite in fact, as during the COVID-19 pandemic, chess became even more popular, particularly online. Chess players and puzzle-solvers have a lot in common, and now that is united in this unique new puzzle publication.
All the puzzles relate to chess and the culture surrounding it, from classic chess puzzles to quizzes about famous players and matches. Puzzles include:
  • Classic chess conundrums: looking top-down at a board layout, the best move must be deduced.
  • Wordsearch: find the chess-champion names in the grid*
  • Crosswords: chess-themed questions and answers*
  • Placement puzzles: certain pieces only may be placed next to other in these visual conundrums.
  • Chess-doku: An original take on Sudoku: chess piece symbols.
  • Logic grids: Clues are given and puzzlers must fill in a grid and work out the missing answers using logic.
  • Visual puzzles: A square with a variety of chess pieces in it. One is duplicated, can you spot it? Other visual puzzles include Odd one out, Logic sequences and Spot the Difference.
  • Chess-code and other word puzzles: Chess pieces are substituted for letters; to solve the puzzle you must work out which is which. Other word puzzles include anagrams, missing letters and word jumbles.
  • Chess quizzes: great players, famous moves and epic matches all feature.
Format Trade Paperback 304 Pages
ISBN 9780711289840
Size9.25 in x 6.02 in / 235.00 mm x 153.00 mm
Published Date September 7th, 2023
Roland Hall
Roland Hall has worked as a Commissioning Editor of puzzle books for a number of years. He was responsible for book publishing with many best-selling puzzle brands, including Mensa, The Puzzler and Take A Break, and devised a number of highly popular themed puzzle books and packs on subjects as diverse as Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Pride and Prejudice and Dante's Inferno. He has written and contributed to many quiz and puzzle books, including Anagram Challenge, and Wordle Challenge for Kids.
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