Subtitle A Journey to the World's Most Supernatural Places

Evelyn Hollow
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Uncover fascinating paranormal activity on this chilling, nerve-wracking global tour of over 50 paranormal locations, with a brilliant foreword from award-winning writer, Danny Robins.

Set out on a uniquely dark armchair journey and witness the shocking supernatural events, ghosts and unexplained phenomena that have captivated humankind for as long as we have told stories to each other, looked to the skies, and wondered whether we really are alone

The paranormal places include:

The Chase Vault, a 200-year-old crypt in Barbados with moving coffins
Charleville Castle, the haunted castle in Ireland used by secret societies
The witch market (El Mercado De Las Brujas) in La Paz, Bolivia
Gunnuhver Mud Pool in Iceland, infected by the spirit of a maddened criminal
Turkmenistan’s Door to Hell, an infernal crater still blazing after half a century

Legends about spirits that rise from the dead, places where the crops don’t grow or sites where strange lights are seen at night… glaciers that bleed, ghost towns, crumbling castles, disused (and active) cemeteries, eerie forests and freak nature patterns

This cursed collection covers these sites in all their mysterious glory, and recounts what happened, what continues to happen, and what may explain these phenomena. Hauntings, aliens, moving rocks and all manner of paranormal activity are covered, in manmade as well as natural surroundings.

You may not want to read it when you are alone

Format Hardcover Book 224 Pages
ISBN 9780711287969
Size7.28 in x 10.20 in / 185.00 mm x 259.00 mm
Published Date September 12th, 2024
Evelyn Hollow
Evelyn Hollow is a double academy award winning Scottish writer and paranormal psychologist. She was a resident author at Esoterica Zine for more than four years, was the recipient of the 2015 Lonely Planet Travel Writing Scholarship, the occult columnist for Corvid Culture, and has taught writing classes at everywhere from universities to arts festivals. She has also been featured in exhibitions at ESAF and is the creator of The Baer Archive. She is a former psychology lecturer and holds a Master of Research degree in Paranormal Psychology. She now consults as a paranormal psychologist and expert for various TV shows and podcasts — most recently the smash-hit BBC shows The Battersea Poltergeist and Uncanny. She is also 1/4 of the team on the new TV show Spooked Scotland airing on the Discovery Channel in May 2022. Evelyn gives guest talks on paranormal history and the quantum physics of anomalous phenomena.
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