Subtitle A Supernatural Sourcebook of Our Legend and Lore

Julie Légère, Elsa Whyte
Price $22.99
Description Description Step into the shadows and uncover the centuries-old myths and legends that lie beneath the figure of the vampire, with this magical compendium of facts and fiction.

Whether rising from a coffin in the dead of night or stalking its prey, hidden in plain sight, the vampire is one of the most alluring beings in world folklore. These undead bloodsuckers are as alive as ever in modern pop culture, from movies and books to video games and TV shows.

But despite their cultural immortality, mystery still surrounds their shadowy origins. Secrets of the Vampire compiles every scrap of vampire lore into one essential volume, covering everything from famous vampires such as Count Dracula and his historical counterpart, to the vampiric aversion to sunlight and garlic and their supernatural abilities.

With this lavishly illustrated field guide, decode the deathly world of the vampire. Discover the meanings behind occult symbols, the ancient origins of vampire tropes, the most powerful and frightening vampires from stories around the world, and the real people said to have inspired the grisly tales of these creatures of the night. Learn how to tell a vampire from a living person and get wise to their tricks and powers.

Secrets of the Vampire is the perfect deep-dive into a fascinating figure of folklore, for any and all vampire-obsessed 9-14 year-olds.
Series Supernatural Sourcebook
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 80 Pages
ISBN 9780711285071
Size8.20 in x 10.60 in / 208.28 mm x 269.24 mm
Published Date August 8th, 2023
Julie Légère
Julie Légère is a writer living and practicing in Paris. Secrets of the Witch was her first book for children.
Elsa Whyte
Elsa Whyte is a writer, editor, and witch living in Paris. She is the author of Le Génie Pissenlit (The Lucky Dandelion, Le Cosmographe, 2018) and Les Saisons Dans l’Art (Seasons in Art, De La Martinière Jeunesse, 2019), and has translated children’s books into French including Look Up at the Stars (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2019).
Laura Pérez
Laura Pérez is an illustrator, animator, and witch. She studied illustration in Spain, France, and Canada and her artwork has been exhibited all over Europe and Asia. She has illustrated several graphic novels. Secrets of the Witch was her first book for children. Her exquisite illustrations have been featured in many publications including The Washington Post, National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal. Laura was awarded the Valendia National Comic Illustration Award in 2015.
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