Subtitle Your Yearlong Guide to Creating Positive Spiritual Habits

Price $28.99 / £20.00
Description Description Embrace mindfulness, self-love and holistic health in this stunning month-by-month wellness almanac that will lift your heart, mind, body and soul.

Beautifully designed, lovingly crafted and filled with mindful affirmations, activities and insights, this gorgeous book will help you embrace the seasons, be empowered by rituals and create positive spiritual habits all year long.

Each page shares a mindful insight for inner understanding, and the year-long structure means that activities are tailored for the natural seasonal rhythms which guide us through winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Pick out the month and rest your mind’s eye on the pages ahead. Discover seasonal affirmations, rituals, reflections and practical insights for creative mindfulness, nature connection and inner understanding in this soulful guide to creating daily spiritual habits.

Standing at 352 pages, this book is filled with ideas, meaning you can find fresh inspiration day-in, day out, to help you live your most mindful life!

Reflections, practices and activities in this beautiful book include:
  • Ways to connect with nature, from constructing seedbombs to exploring the scents of a garden or appreciating the beauty of birdsong, 
  • Mindful crafting practices from hand stictching to making your own air-drying clay, 
  • Wholesome baking ideas from raw chocolate brownies to love macarons, 
  • As well as scores of meditative practices to help you ground yourself in the richness of the world around you, from breathwork and yoga poses to appreciation and understanding of the stars.

From the hearts and minds of the Leaping Hare Press collective and featuring soothing illustrations by @madebyralu, The Leaping Hare Wellness Almanac is your definitive guide to conscious living all year round.
Format Hardcover Book 352 Pages
ISBN 9780711279872
Size6.02 in x 9.25 in / 153.00 mm x 235.00 mm
Published Date October 18th, 2022
Leaping Hare Press creates beautiful books to inspire and empower readers to translate ethical and spiritual values into practical, meaningful life choices. From planting a colorful wildflower seedbed in a concrete jungle, to mindfully walking along a busy sidewalk, our books present creative, simple steps to help us engage with each other and the natural world. Penned by heart-led and expert authors, our conscious living titles embrace community spirit and explore ecological principles in a positive way––delivering that feel-good factor too.
Raluca Spatacean
Raluca Maria Spataean aka @madebyralu is a Romanian illustrator who is inspired by the balancing elements of wellbeing and the natural world. In 2013 she decided to follow her intuition and creative instincts to travel the world – living in Italy, Spain, Romania, Ireland and England - and experience living life with freedom and joy. In 2020 and throughout the global pandemic, she put pen to paper and discovered the joy of digital illustration which she started to share with the world on Instagram, and soon found a dedicated community of followers soothed by her calming, positive artworks and writings.
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