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Help children work through their worries and understand that everyone has accidents sometimes with this sensitive story about a little princess and her wet sheets.  

Once upon a bed, in a royal palace, there lived a little princess with a big imagination called Amma. Every day she was ready to battle knights with the queen, look for mermaids with the king and even hunt for dragons with Grandma Grace.
But every bedtime brought with it a whole host of worries. Her blankets felt heavy and the shadows on the walls looked dark and scary.
Every morning the palace is filled with fussing about the Princess and the Pee. But what will help her? Lemons under her pillow? Ridiculous! Dry toast before bed? Preposterous! Many suggestions are made but each one makes Princess Amma more worried than the next. While the royal household is running around for a solution, kind Grandma Grace calmly encourages the Princess to relax and use her imagination to help calm her worries.
With magical artwork and a gentle rhyming story, this book is designed to reassure little ones that even royal princesses have accidents. It’s the perfect way to softly introduce the subject and show them that you can find a solution together. Encourage them to share their worries and let them know they’ll be heard with this sweet picture book that can be re-read whenever accidents happen.

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Format Juvenile - Paperback 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711277731
Size9.25 in x 10.87 in / 235.00 mm x 276.00 mm
Published Date March 7th, 2024
Effua Gleed
Effua Gleed is a freelance storyteller and poet. She works with schools, libraries, festivals, and on TV. She has written stories and scripts for the CBeebies' 'Story Makers' series and BBC Radio 7. She has also worked with Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah on the BBC's RAW 'Off By Heart' children's poetry project.
Juanita Londoño Gaviria
Illustrator Juanita Londoño Gaviria was born in Colombia amidst the mountains, surrounded by nature, birds, and flowers. She believes that what led her to illustration was bedtime stories—she wouldn’t go to sleep if her parents didn’t read from a storybook. Juanita studied fashion design in her hometown, Medellín, and graduated with a degree in Concept Art from Vancouver Film School.
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