Subtitle The incredible story of bird evolution

Jingmai O'Connor
Price $19.99
Description Description When Dinosaurs Conquered the Skies is an exquisitely illustrated exploration of how dinosaurs evolved flight and eventually became the birds we live with today.

What are birds, and where did they come from? Discover fascinating facts about bird evolution, including:
  • How the oldest bird fossils are about 150 million years old.
  • That birds evolved from a group of meat-eating dinosaurs called theropods. That’s the same group that Tyrannosaurus Rex belonged to, although birds evolved from small theropods. 
  • How these ancient birds looked quite a lot like small, feathered dinosaurs and they had much in common. Their mouths still contained sharp teeth.
  • That over time, birds lost their teeth and evolved beaks.

And more! The story of bird evolution is fascinating, and When Dinosaurs Conquered the Skies explores this incredible history in a digestible, accessible way. This book from the successful Incredible Evolution series proves that fact can definitely be stranger and more exciting than fiction! Can you imagine coming face-to-face with a toothy pigeon?!

Through digestible information and absorbing illustrations, young readers will be given an insight into how dinosaurs evolved flight and conquered the skies.

This book is from the Incredible Evolution series, a fascinating, informative collection of books which examine the development of life on eart. Other titles available include: When Plants Took Over the PlanetWhen We Became Humans, and When the Whales Walked.

Format Juvenile - Hardcover 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711275157
Size8.27 in x 11.61 in / 210.00 mm x 295.00 mm
Published Date November 1st, 2022
Jingmai O'Connor

Jingmai O’Connor is the Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Jingmai grew up in Pasadena, CA. She is first generation Chinese and second generation Irish. Jingmai’s research explores the repeated evolution (and parallel refinement) of flight in the Dinosauria, the dinosaur-bird transition, and the biology of stem-avians, not through any one aspect but exploring Paraves through the evolution of feathers and complex plumages, aerodynamics, reproduction, respiration, trophics, systematics, ontogeny, and taxonomy. Taking advantage of the exceptional soft tissue preservation of the Jehol Biota, Jingmai seeks to go beyond skeletal anatomy, to understand the biology of stem birds and their closest relatives and trace the evolution of modern avian features.

Maria Brzozowska
Maria Brzozowska was born in 1992 in Poland but spent most of her childhood growing up in Turkey. In 2010 she graduated from Leeds Arts University with a BA in Visual Communication. In 2016 she completed her MFA in Media and Design. She is a visual storyteller who enjoys taking a poetic approach to her art creating new, unknown lands. She uses traditional painting techniques aided by digital methods. She also works with children’s storybook publishers and loves illustrating magical and poetic stories.
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