Subtitle A Journey Through Time to the Prehistoric World

Tom Jackson
Price $16.99
Description Description

In this follow-on to Football Atlas, Space Atlas and Ocean Atlas readers will be taken on a journey to the prehistoric world!  Dinosaur Atlas is a richly informative, beautifully illustrated book for dinosaur lovers everywhere, with an exciting new global perspective. 

Take a trip through time to the prehistoric world! Stare down a Tyrannosaurus Rex in North America. Watch out for Velociraptors’ slashing claws in the Gobi Desert. Marvel at the size of the Giganotosaurus in Argentina. On this Amazing Adventure readers will discover the mysteries of dinosaur origins, clues to what they looked like, how they survived, where they lived, and why they became extinct.

  • What did the world look like during the Age of Dinosaurs?
  • What are fossils and how can we learn from them?
  • Who was the largest and most ferocious dinosaur of all? 

This expansive guide to dinosaurs large and small answers all these questions and more as readers journey around a lost world and come face to face with dinosaurs!

Format Juvenile - Hardcover 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711270398
Size9.25 in x 11.42 in / 235.00 mm x 290.00 mm
Published Date September 6th, 2022
Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson is a leading science writer who has over twenty years of experience writing books, magazine, and newspaper articles, as well as pieces for online and for television. He writes about a wide range of subjects, but his specialties are natural history, technology, and all things scientific. Previous projects include collaborations with Sir Patrick Moore, Carol Vorderman, and "rock star" scientist, Brian May.
Maggie Li
Maggie Li is a children's book illustrator and author based in London, UK. She is also art director at popular children's publication Okido magazine. A bit of a fact geek, Maggie loves to discover weird and wonderful things about the world around her. She is currently working on her third book.
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