Subtitle A Species Guide

Mark E. Hauber
Description Description
Birds is a beautiful introduction to 75 diverse species of birds, filled full of facts on biology and lifestyle, as well as stunning illustrations.

Birds are some of the most colourful and melodious creatures in nature, from the backyard birds we see and hear every day to the rare species we might never catch a glimpse of. Living in every type of habitat on every continent, their diversity is vast, and their lifestyles are just as varied, from penguins that manage avian creches in the Antarctic, to jacanas that appear to walk on water, and flamingos that can live for 40 years.

Here are 75 examples of birds from around the world, each shown in a beautifully coloured natural history engraving. From seabirds to songbirds, birds of prey to wetland geese, each species here has a story to share about how it lives and breeds.

With information about courtship displays, breeding strategies, nesting habits and egg types, Birds is a handy guide to their lifestyles, habitats, plumage, and anything else you could possibly need to know.
Format Hardcover Book 176 Pages
ISBN 9780711258433
Size5.51 in x 7.48 in / 140.00 mm x 190.00 mm
Published Date June 1st, 2021
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