Subtitle Finding flow & creating calm

Georgina Hooper
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Description Description From connecting with community to discovering your unique way of creating, this book explores the rich rewards of making art mindfully.

Art in all its beautiful forms and mediums is a powerful form of expression and meditation. In Mindful Thoughts for Artists, Georgina Hooper illustrates how the act of painting allows us to access the calm that dwells within, and acts as a powerful catalyst for pleasure, acceptance and growth.

Awash with colorful splashings of art history, and peppered with the rich teachings of the Ch’an Buddhists, this lovingly-crafted little book explores how this meditative medium helps us to embrace ourselves in all our different hues.

Appealing to all artists, this curated collection of 25 reflections encourages creators to live in the moment, to observe the beauty in everything, and above all, to ensure that the creative process is driven by love and enjoyment.

From focussing on the process not the product, to learning to see by slowing down and devoting time to our surroundings, this book will take you on a journey both in your art and in yourself, leading to a happier, creatively free and more mindful self!
Georgina Hooper
Georgina Hooper is a visual artist, painter, and lecturer based in Australia. She trained as a yoga teacher after 6 months of artists’ residences in China and Japan, and her work is in personal collections across the world including a 100 year ceiling installation in a Buddhist temple in Japan. She is also an arts researcher, specializing in Eastern artistic traditions, visual language, and the philosophies that underpin them. As part of her practice-led research she draws together neurology and art history to understand how painting as concentrated meditation can shape the brain and bring about enlightenment.
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