Bethan Stevens
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Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Best Illustrated Book Category in 2021.

Deep in the darkest forests, under rustling leaves, live the fairies. You probably think that fairies are good, kind and sweet. Well, a lot of them are. These helpful fairies take care of the forest and they're happy to do it. But I'm sorry to tell you that some of the fairies, particularly the littlest ones, are GRUMPY.

I meanproper grumpy. 
I mean foot-stompy, frowny, bottom-lip-sticking-outy kind of grumpy.
I mean ‘it’s just one of those days’ grumpy.

But these grumpy fairies better watch out. There's a goblin about, and grumpy fairies happen to be a goblin's favourite food…

Characterful illustrations transport readers to the animal-filled world of the fairy's forest, and easy to read text is perfect for young readers.

This wonderful, funny debut will bring a smile to the smallest (and grumpiest) of children. 
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Format Juvenile - Paperback 32 Pages
ISBN 9780711249424
Size9.29 in x 10.83 in / 236.00 mm x 275.00 mm
Published Date August 4th, 2020
Bethan Stevens
Bethan Stevens is an illustrator based in London. After finishing her BA in English literature, she embarked on the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art to learn how to make stories with pictures as well as words. When she's not drawing she can be found reading, writing and attempting to track down the tastiest almond croissants in London. Grumpy Fairies was her first picture book with FLCB which was the winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Best Illustrated Book Category in 2021. 
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