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Nick Arnold
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Science isn’t limited to the classroom – it can be found out in the garden! This photographic book of experiments and projects covers covers chemical reactions, states of matter, microbiology and much more – all with materials and equipment that can be found at home.

The STEAM Ahead series shows readers that science isn’t limited to the classroom – it can be found out in the garden, cooked up in the kitchen and brought to life with paper and paints! Each book features clear, step-by-step instructions and has a fresh, contemporary design, with an emphasis on fun, achievable experiments to give kids hands-on experiences. The science behind each experiment is explained, giving readers the theory behind the practical activities.

Titles in the series include:
STEAM Ahead: Experiment with Kitchen Science
STEAM Ahead: Experiment with Outdoor Science
​STEAM Ahead: Experiment with Art
STEAM Ahead: Experiment with Engineering
Series STEAM Ahead
Format Hardcover Book 80 Pages
ISBN 9780711243989
Size7.75 in x 10.00 in / 196.85 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date March 17th, 2020
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold is a British writer of science books for children, best known for his hugely successful, award-winning series Horrible Science—one of which was awarded the Aventis prize. He is a keen supporter of libraries and founded the Appledore Book Festival after leading a campaign to save six libraries from closure.
Giulia Zoavo
Giulia Zoavo is an Italian illustrator based in Brooklyn who loves to tell stories and make people smile.
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