Subtitle Where We Come From and How We Evolved

Chris Stinger, Louise Humphrey
Price £16.99
Description Description Over the past 30 years there has been a cascade of new discoveries in the story of human evolution, which continue to alter and sometimes revolutionise our understanding of humanity's origins.
This new edition features significant revisions and a new chapter, which encapsulates the major scientific developments in this fast-moving field since the book was first published in 2018.
Our Human Story is a guide to our fossil human relatives, from what may be the earliest hominins such as Sahelanthropus, dating back six to seven million years, through to our own species, Homo sapiens. Drawing on this new information, as well as their own considerable expertise, Humphrey and Stringer explain in concise terms what each key species represents and how it contributes to our knowledge of human evolution.
They describe the main sites, the individual fossils, and the basic facts about each species – what it looked like, how and when it lived and what it ate. The book includes drawings, photographs and maps throughout to enhance the text and demystify the fascinating cast of characters who hold the secret to humankind’s origins.
Format Trade Paperback 112 Pages
ISBN 9780565093914
Size7.56 in x 9.96 in / 192.00 mm x 253.00 mm
Published Date February 8th, 2018
Chris Stinger
Chris Stringer is the Natural History Museum’s research leader in human origins and Britain’s foremost expert on the subject. He is the author of the bestselling books The Origin of Our Species and Homo Britannicus.
Louise Humphrey
Louise Humphrey is a researcher in human origins at the Natural History Museum, specialising in bioarchaeology and dental anthropology.
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