Subtitle A Concise Reference Guide

Robin Hanson
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Description Description Gemstones have been a source of delight and fascination for many thousands of years, from the fiery brilliance of diamond to the soft iridescence of pearl. This stunning reference book provides a guide to each of the world’s known types of gemstone, exploring their unique beauty, rarity and durability.

In the first part of the book, Natural History Museum expert Robin Hansen reveals how gem minerals form, where they are found and mined, and how they are identified. She explains the importance of light, how to distinguish the real from the fake, cutting and polishing techniques and their use in adornment, from over 4,500 years ago to the present day.

The second part of Gemstones introduces each gem species in detail, describing its history, characteristics and chemical and physical properties, as well as highlighting items of particular interest such as the myths and legends associated with it. With sumptuous colour photographs throughout, Gemstones is a dazzling insight into the world of the rare and the valuable.
Format Trade Paperback 232 Pages
ISBN 9780565092245
Size5.47 in x 8.23 in / 139.00 mm x 209.00 mm
Published Date March 31st, 2022
Robin Hanson
Robin Hansen is Curator of Minerals and Gemstones at the Natural History Museum, London. She has over thirteen years’ experience in both the mining sector and the world of private mineral collecting. In her role at the Museum she helps manage and care for the mineral and gem collections, which amount to some 185,000 specimens.
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